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Poppy Field

Home. What means home to you?
There's a quote that says: "Home is where your heart is". It sounds precious but for my it's true.
Every time I am home and walking through nature I am thinking how beautiful my village is. I feel an outburst of emotions sometimes, I can't stop smiling. Home is something you can't describe - It just feels right to be there. It is a save haven. A lot of this feeling also belongs to the people around you.
I did an internship for nearly 4 months and experienced how happy I can be to have such place.
I stayed in a beautiful city in a beautiful house - but it had nothing to do with the feeling of "home". There was no warmth, no comfort, no feeling to being "at home".
After this time I was broken inside. My self-confidence was gone, my smile disappeared. It took me months to rebuild myself, and I am still healing. Family and friends are the most important things in life, I really appreciate this now.

There are a lot of people that doesn't have a home. Not only the ones who live on the streets but also the ones that don't feel comfortable in their houses.
The more I am thankful to have more than one "home". I never want to miss that again!

"I still see your shadows in my room....

... can't take back the love that I gave you
it's to the point where I love and I hate you
 I cannot change you so I must replace you ..."

Sometimes you just take a picture and have no idea what it will look like in the end.
Or you didn't expect a really nice picture. Or you are sitting at the editing and you are really frustrated when the picture looks worse on the computer than you thought.
That's why I am always "under pressure" while taking pictures. I often take a hundred of them and it can really impact my day if I haven't at least one perfect picture.
It is not a healthy relation to the photographing. I want to learn that it is okay to have bad (photo) days. I don't want my self confidence is dependent on a good picture, no one should do that. So people listen: If you feeling bad after or while taking picture - don't look at the results. I get used to ignoring the preview button, just like if you are having an analog camera. Sometimes I let some days go by before uploading them to my computer. I hope this method will give some of you the fun at photographing back again! And sometimes you really can made a bad picture to a super nice one with editing or another crop.

It's a girl!

"...you are loved little one"

I had the honor to photograph my brother and his girlfriend and their little baby.
Days before shooting I was looking for inspirations on Pinterest and made some notices. I have to admit that I was a little nervous because it needs some preparations to set the belly perfectly.
Unfortunately we caught a cloudy day which led to a bad lightning in the photos which made me dissatisfied. Despite this my "clients" were very happy about the results and that's what counts in the end.

With this little girl, I will be officially called an "auntie". I will take this job very serious and prepared a lot of cute stuff that I can do with her when she's with me. I am so excited how she will look like. I already love her so much. Welcome in our family!